Should I do a reiki course?

Reiki Courses are usually divided into three parts – 1,2 and Masters. Level 1 is about the student and self healing techniques. During this attunement the Reiki energy will flow into and through your body for the first time. This is an exciting experience. Just sit comfortably and let the rush flow all the way through your body. Enjoy the healing and the new found you. You can let go of and recall that amazing surge at will. Now doesn’t that feel good?
When you move forward to the next step on your healing journey you will be able to let your friends feel that energy pulsing through their bodies. You could even organise a little party to celebrate your new, prospective, career. Wow! How about that? Keep it simple with no alcohol. Just some sandwiches and tea or soft drinks

Once your friends have felt that rush they will be willing ‘guinea pigs’ upon whom you can practise your new found skills. It will not be long before they are telling everyone, they know, what you can do.
As long as you do things properly and build your database, with references, you will soon be climbing into a new career as a self employed therapist. There is more to creating a new career than simply doing the practical,amazing, healing work. You have to keep records. You could start by setting up a simple spreadsheet. On this you must list all client details. Enter name, address, age/date of birth, occupation and symptoms. After every session you pull up the client’s file and add something about how they are progressing.
Like this you keep track.
Keeping in touch with your clients is very important. It lets them know that you value them as people and that you are not just after their money. Make sure to check on your database/spreadsheet every morning. Look for the clients who have a birthday or an anniversary, of some kind, coming up. Send them a card and wish them well. Also keep in touch from time to time to find out how they are. You can keep all the feedback in a journal. This brings about relationships which, in turn, bring about client retention and referrals. People do business with people they know. When they get good service they send their friends along to meet you. In this way you are continuing to build your database.
Another way to build a database is to have a website built. Link your landing page to an autoresponder service and send traffic to your website. The autoresponder service generates a box on your landing page and/or other pages of your site which asks for visitors’ contact details. You put all of these into your database. If someone has been to your site and left their details your emails to them are NOT spam. They have subscribed. A good way to get people to leave their contact details is to offer them something free for signing up. This, for example, could be a free ebook about the subject matter of the website.
An excellent way of getting people’s email addresses is to have a prize draw. Approach shopkeepers who sell a product which, in some way, complements yours and ask if you can attach an explanation of your prize draw, to the counter, alongside some sheets of A4 for them to leave their details. In return you could offer the shopkeeper a free session or a piece of the action which you have created. Then you can choose a couple of email addresses every week or two and give them whatever you have decided is going to be the prize that week.
As time goes on and your product range grows so can the value of the prizes. In this way as well as having a product funnel you can have a prize funnel. It could also be that when someone buys one or two products they get a surprise freebie of value. This provides value to your products as well as to you as a supplier of products of excellence. Happy clients will bring their friends and will become worth their weight in gold. It only takes a few satisfied clients to build a successful business. A business with many satisfied clients will take you beyond your wildest dreams.
A lot of people want to improve and maintain their health. Reiki works holistically – on body mind and soul. Should you feel out of kilter Reiki can definitely do something for you. For how long have you had that feeling that you could do much better than you are, currently, doing? Have you ever actually sat down and thought about it? Have you discussed it with a friend or with your partner? If not, why not? If you have what was the outcome? Are you any closer to improving your circumstances? Did you make a start then fall by the wayside? Did you, perhaps, decide that you are too busy to be taking action on things which can go on the back burner for now? For how long will YOUR life be on hold? Will you accomplish all of those things which you want to get out of the way before you start to think about anything else?

Have you taken the time out to think about the realignment which Reiki could bring about? Reiki can bring focus by bringing mind, body and soul back into kilter. Is this what you want? During times of being disorganised when we are not performing at our best, not on top form, it is due to being out of kilter. There are times when one knows, for sure, that one is off key or out of kilter. When one says, for example, ‘That’s strange! I’m not feeling myself today’ one could likely use a Reiki session to bring one back into line or realignment. At times of illness in our friends or family we, as well as the suffering person, feel out of sorts. Alignment has been, temporarily, lost.

How often do you read self help books? How often do they help? More to the point how often do you help yourself of pray and ask for help? Which do you feel avails most help? Is it the books or the prayer? Perhaps the very essence of the content of the books clicks and wakes you from a self imposed slumber, from time to time. Do you feel that your prayers are answered perhaps even by the content of the books?

Have you ever considered how balanced you may be – or may not be? Do you seek a happy medium between balance and its lack? Is that what you seek every day or ask for as you go off to sleep? How do you research this? Have you considered the possibility that there is more to life than that which we see day to day? How does the, apparently invisible, balance show itself? How to bring about the revelation of subtle and spiritual life which is existing alongside the, very visible, gross material? Is the visible outcome, in the gross material, of rebalance and much improved health enough to prove the existence of the invisible healing energy?

We may have to make do with this limited amount of evidence for now. It is possible, whilst in this realm, with the relevant training, to go a little beyond this apparent lack of proof. Clairvoyants can see the subtle body. It is in this casing that disembodied people or ‘ghosts’ exist. However the soul is definitely a different kettle of vegetables. This can only be seen by very elevated beings a few of whom are present in this realm.
When a Reiki Therapist is working with a client he connects with the subtle body and passes the Reiki healing energy to the client. In some cases the client progresses, quickly, towards a full healing. However in many cases the outcome is more gradual and occurs over a series of sessions. The Reiki Practitioner never promises a full healing. This is left in the hands of God and can be dependent upon the karma of the client.

Usually people seek out a Reiki Therapist for the purposes of being healed of an ailment. However many clients, eventually, decide to become Reiki Therapists. In a lot of cases this is due to the client having had a good experience of Reiki. They, then, want to pass on the gift of Reiki healing to their friends and family. Some choose to make a career of it whereas others just want to help those around them. The world of Reiki is widening and expanding across the globe.
Many healing disciplines exist throughout our planet. Some are attached to religious bodies. Others exist independently and their adherents are free to work, as and when they want, with whom they want to work. No one person or group has a monopoly on God’s energy although some think they do. A thousand years ago priests, in Temples, as well as ‘witches’ were successfully healing the sick. They used the available herbs and energy and got results.

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