Reiki Retreats


Asturias, in the North of Spain, is known for its beautiful countryside. Rural areas, due to their quietude, have always been known to be the best places to go to recover from illnesses and imbalances. Monasteries are usually found in hidden valleys or, cleverly, carved out of cliffs by craftsmen of the highest order. Many of these have been in use for centuries. More recently retreat centres have come into being. A retreat can last for a day, a weekend or a week, in some cases longer, and for many different, spiritual, purposes. There was a time when people, from towns and cities, would have gone to monasteries, for a few days or even a couple of weeks to take part in spiritual endeavours. They returned home refreshed, renewed and ready to reconnect with society.

The old monasteries were based on Christian values, meditation and prayer. The monks ministered and took care of the spiritual needs of the people. They dealt with funerals, weddings and baptisms. They were there at the most important times of one’s life.
In the days before counselling services this duty fell to the monks. Problems between neighbours, family members, landowners and their employees, land disputes, etc. all went to the arbitration service of the time – the monastery. As time progressed and local government evolved different departments, dealing with the issues aforementioned came into being.

Even in today’s, apparently, advanced, society these issues persist. If anything they are more complex than they were in medieval times. Many people find themselves dealing with unresolved issues due to a lack of communication between government departments. Instead of one monk, acting as a mediator, in the middle ages there are a dozen faceless civil servants who hold a meeting for every problem which is brought to their attention. As an outcome of the time it takes to book a meeting room minor problems can take up to a year, sometimes longer, to be dealt with. Bureaucracy at its worst. This brings about stress which has a very damaging effect on the mind and the body. Many people live in a state of stress, for years, before they have total meltdown and fall to pieces. It is particularly hard for those who do not have a support network. They start the journey, into what one would hope is recovery, with a visit to their health professional. It is not long before they are pushed along a metaphorical chain of despair. They may start with an appointment to see a psychologist or a counsellor. Should one not agree with everything one is instructed to do one will be ‘discharged’ without actually receiving any assistance. Thrown back on the scrapheap. After sometime the client may be sent to a psychiatrist who, after a couple of appointments, will come up with a diagnosis. This may be correct or not. The ‘medicine’ will be prescribed. The client will be told that should he take it every day his condition will come under control. As time goes on one’s body becomes used to the dosage which was originally prescribed. In order to have it increased one has to repeat the procedure and go through the system again.

After this has happened more than once many client/patients start to look into alternative therapies which, in many cases, are used alongside prescribed medication.
Acupuncture, acupressure, herbal remedies, hypnotherapy, magnotherapy, massage and many types of energy, and hands on, healing prove successful.
Energy, which surges throughout the Universe, is flowing through every living entity from trees to demigods. The bodies of these entities are made of earth, water, fire,air, ether, mind, intelligence and false ego. These all emanate from God, the creative energy in the Universe.

The gross outer, visible, aspect,the body is made of earth.Think, or imagine, back to the time of the earliest creatures including humans, if you will.Look back, through imagination via the mind, to a time before manufacturing and construction processes existed. There were no stitched clothes, no built houses, no cooked or processed foods, no written communication or books. There was, however, a connection with God, the Creative Energy from which everything emanates. ´How could that be?´ you may ask. Simple, really. The complications with which we grapple, from day to day, did not exist. The method of communication was telepathy or mental energy.

Water was not contaminated and was freely available. It nourished the body. In these times of apparent great advancement water has to be processed before drinking it. Otherwise, due to the reservoirs being contaminated, it can be dangerous. This contamination comes about because nuclear waste is shot out into the atmosphere or dumped at sea.

Early man discovered how to light a fire by hitting one rock against another and rubbing two pieces of wood together. Next was the advent of cooking, lighting and heating. Yogis can manifest an aspect of fire inside the body and remain warm while meditating outside in Himalayan winters. When healers are at work their hands become warm and their inner fire emanates removing the ailments in the body and mind of the client. Good deeds are known to burn bad karma. Surrender to God burns all karma.

The intake of air, or prana, can be controlled in order to improve health or, in the case of yogis, to extend the lifespan. In this way they have more time in which to attain perfection in this lifetime. Many types of yoga and meditation have breathing exercises. These bring about a better relaxed state. This helps the adherent to focus, more clearly on, for example, the point between the eyes or a mantra. It could be a place in a guided meditation.
Ether refers to the sky and its clarity. This exists above the clouds and is known as the heavens too. It has also been described as a substance of spirit surrounding the living entity. It is perceived, by some, as the mind. By others as the subtle body.

Intelligence is the ability to discriminate. It is above the mind when a desire comes into the mind we can choose whether or not to try to fulfil it; whether or not it is
good for us. We can consider what the outcome may be. Just because we enjoy how we feel having engaged in a particular action, or having taken a particular substance, this does not mean it is good for us. Discrimination is key.

The false ego makes us believe we are the gross material body or outer shell. We are actually spiritual energy. As atma, or soul, we are existing in the body but separate from it. We are Godś minute parts and parcels. The true function of the living entity is to serve God. For many lifetimes we have been trying to live independently.

The outcome of this is that many of are out of kilter and suffering in so many different ways. Illness is not always immediately noticeable.Over many millennia, and many lifetimes, we have become attached to doing what we refer to as our own thing. That is what we think. We have free will. However we do not have independence. Everything including, óur own thing´ belongs to God our loving Father. Due to the free will which He has given us we are trying to run away. He allows us to go so far then after sometime He calls us back.

Nothing happens by chance. God comes into our lives in so many different ways. It could be the Christian witnessing in the shopping centre or the Hare Krishna who speaks to you in the street it could just be the loving kindness of the person next door who invites you in for tea and a chat. God is everywhere. He manifests Himself through love and kindness or loving kindness. All of these things are signs that God is calling you back to His flock. We know this at a subconscious level. That is why so many people avoid people of God. They want to carry on with their apparent enjoyment. He lets them do what they want to do till eventually they hit their rock bottom. This is different for everyone. It could take years; it could take several lifetimes. When they get there God will be waiting for them.
In the meantime the world is populated with confused and maladjusted people. As well as the allopathic doctors there are Ayurvedic doctors, therapists and healers. These are the ones who work with the entities in the burnt out bodies and those who have lost their equilibrium. They motivate and encourage the lost people to rediscover their lifeś purpose. We all came here for a reason. Although many people have lost their way they are never lost from God.

Ralph has been a therapist and healer, using different methods for many years. Visualisation methods of healing are very powerful. These can be practised no matter where, in the world, the client is. When visualisation techniques are combined with Reiki the healing is very powerful.

Spending time away from oneś familiar surroundings can be beneficial in bringing about healing as well as opening one to oneś potential. Self discovery can be revealing. One sees oneself as playing a particular role in society whether it be in oneś professional or work capacity or in oneś, day to day, familial setup. However when one withdraws, or takes a step back, other possibilities become noticeable.Oneś perception changes. This is how and why retreats work. It is more than an alternative holiday. When like minded people come together in a secluded environment, away from the naysayers, the magic happens.
In an environment where even the slightest worry, or negative feeling, exists it is very difficult to deal with the situations, or people, deemed to have brought these about. Hence the requirement to withdraw into a contemplative environment. Being in new surroundings, if only temporarily, brings new eyes and vision to oneś situation. Doing something new and different, working through practical exercises and learning new skills, with someone other than your spouse will give you the opportunity to think independently, perhaps, for the first time in a long time.

The healing starts at the soul level, working its way outwards, towards and into the body. Hands on healing is normally done with the client sitting in a chair or lying down comfortably. Absent healing can be practised at a distance whether in the next room or on the other side of the planet. When the healing is done hands on the client feels the healing energy clearly.In many cases the healer also feels the energy as it passes through him and into the client.
Absent healing would seem to be of a more subtle nature. It is not necessarily felt, by the client, when it is being sent. However it works deeply and, in many cases, while the client sleeps. This is as effective as hands on healing.

Despite the effectiveness of Reiki, and other alternative methods of healing, many people still say, ´What is that?´ when they are spoken about. It would seem that this knowledge is known to many large minorities, in certain pockets, around the globe. Healing practices would appear to remain a hidden art even in modern times.
There are a great many healing related meetups in many towns worldwide. These are of a lot of different methods. Many Spiritualist Churches have an evening dedicated to healing usually on a weekly basis.

There are a great many methods of healing available. They are all effective and emanating from the same Source. Only the names of these methods differ. This is only because of how, when and where they originated. No one person or group has a monopoly on the ability to heal.
Although the main focus of the retreat is Reiki other methods of healing will be discussed. Being open and open minded is the key to success. We are all channels, open to allowing healing energy to flow through us into those in need of healing. Healing brings about realignment of the chakras and of body,mind and soul. Just imagine a river which keeps overflowing because the beavers have been building dams all over it.After sometime the local people will come along and dismantle the dams and chase the little rascals away.

When did you last experience a block mental or physical? How did you feel around that situation? Can you recall the cause of the block? Think back to the times when you have had blocks. It would have been handy if you could have located that particular beaver and removed it at the time.
Imagine that your body is full of beavers. Many peopleś problems are so deeply rooted that they affect the subtle body or mind. Every time a ´forgotten´ problem is triggered the beavers get to work. Before you know it you have dams, or blocks, all over your body. They are so deep rooted that traditional methods cannot shift them. The doctor just offers you some more anti depressants or painkillers. No end to the root causes of the problem.
Reiki Therapy gets to the root cause and deals with it. Whether you visit a Reiki Therapist or learn how to use Reiki for your own healing you can get a handle on the underlying issues. Also you can use it to help other people whether they are next to you or on the other side of the planet. Energy can travel anywhere in an instant.
Reiki is not set aside for humans. Animals love it. They will just lay there and receive. Cats tend to be lazy creatures by nature.They are very willing to accept Reiki. The more you give them the more they will come back for more.
Also dogs love to be loved. Just get your dog to lay down in front of you and start transmitting the Reiki. They will not want to go for walkies without having their Reiki session.
Small animals such as mice, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs and miniature dogs will know when you are around and will make themselves known.You may even get some wild ones looking for attention.

Love is everywhere in many different forms. Healing energy is one of those. Love emanates from God and brings about much beauty in every aspect of life. Many situations, as well as living entities, experience healing.
Healing work is a form of prayer which has always existed and always will.God is eternal and will always heal through whatever means used by healers.


“I am still feeling the affects of the internal healing work which Ralph did with me 6 months ago”

Wayne Barrens , London