Reiki-Home Visits


Having a session in the comfort of oneś own home allows the client to feel relaxed due to being in a familiar environment. One can utilise oneś own easy chair during the session. Otherwise, one can comfortably lie down on a bed and relax. This brings about a deeply relaxed state. This can be part of the clientś special ´me’ day.

Everyone needs to take a day out from the daily grind from time to time. Schedule your Reiki session for a time which suits you. What do you normally do on your ḿe’ days? When did you last have one? What does a ḿe´ day signify to you?

Having a regular self care programme in place signifies how much you love yourself. Where are you on the list of things to do day to day? You look after the kids, you take care of your spouse, you feed the pets, you go to work and take care of your employerś requirements. Where are you in all of this? If you do not take care of your needs how can you be expected to look after anyone else? Now is the time to plan your next day away from the office.

Having enjoyed your first Reiki session who knows what you may want to do next? You may even want to share your experience with some friends. It could be that you want others to feel the release from stress which you are, now, feeling. Perhaps someone has done something for you and you want to return the favour by letting them experience a Reiki session.

Ralph can assist you in unwinding totally and creating a space in which you can get on the road to a full recovery from mental, physical and spiritual issues. Due to day to day duties many people find it difficult to take care of themselves. An internal place, deep in oneself, is what one is aiming for. When this space is found and retreated into the change starts to take place. The true place to bring about a sense of unwinding is not in the local pub surrounded by acquaintances or colleagues. It does not come with intoxicants. It is actually inside oneself; by oneself.

Healing energy is channelled through the healer into the client or patient. In the Spiritualist aspect of healing the healer channels the healing, through the palms of his hands, into the parts of the clientś body which need healing. Many clients feel heat coming from the healerś hands. This is the healing energy doing its work.

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“I didn’t realise the full potential of Ralph’s healing abilities until such times when he offered to work with me and I wish to tell other people about the changes I’ve had in my life”

Robert Davis , London