Ralph Maverś healing abilities were discovered, at an early age, by his mother. When he was about four his mother, who suffered from severe migraine headaches, would take his hands and gently lay them upon her head, saying, ´He is a healer´. After a short time the headache went away. During his childhood Ralph did the same as most children. He liked to play with his friends and enjoyed playing games such as ludo and snakes and ladders. He was no different than the other children in his class.
Time went on and he went through secondary school which he left when he was fifteen. Ralph started his working life in a sawmill in Dundee. However, not long after, he started a career in the catering industry. He eventually worked in every department in hotels and restaurants. In the early 1970ś Dundee had many catering establishments. However towards the middle of the decade they became less. If one wanted to continue with a career in catering it was time to move to a bigger city.
In the Summer of 1976 Ralph moved to London. There were many more opportunities there. He worked in different hotels around Central London over a period of twenty years. It was around the mid 1990ś that he became vegetarian. This brought his career in the, mainly, meat oriented catering industry to an end.

Where to go from here?

Having an interest in spiritual life Ralph visited the places of worship of a few different religious groups. After sometime spent searching he found himself most attracted to Vaisnavism, the philosophy of the Hare Krishna movement. Here his gifts were accepted as an impression from previous lives whereas the born again Christians said, narrow mindedly, that these were the work of the devil and to be renounced.
As time passed Ralph found himself spending time at the Temple helping the devotees in their day to day service. In the process of getting to know people he talked about himself and what work he had done previously. It was mentioned, to him, that there was a programme,operated from the Temple, which fed homeless people. He volunteered for this and found himself helping in the kitchen, preparing the vegetables which were to be cooked and distributed to the homeless in Central London. It was only a matter of time till devotees found out about Ralphś healing abilities. Some people told him about their ailments and asked if he could help. He explained that it is not actually he who does the healing and that he is a channel for spirit guides who work through him. Most people were happy with that. This brought about a group of friends with whom to work towards setting up a healing practice. It is always a great thing to have practice buddies and encouragement and support from friends who love you. It is reciprocal and creates win win situations. Both sides benefit.

In Spiritualism they say, ´Love is God; God is Love´. Every loving entity is capable of love. This is due to the presence of the soul. The soul is a minute particle of God maintaining the existence of every living entity. This is what brings about the life force. At the time of death the soul, along with what is known as the subtle body, leaves the body. With the life force gone the body has no qualities. All ability which was once there has left.

The healer can bring about relief in those who are suffering and those around them. Even at the time of death healing can help the dying person to ease the transition from this world to the next. Should one not be well versed in spiritual matters it can come as a bit of a shock to realise that one is no longer in a physical body. Healing and prayer help one to come to terms with this.

We are drawn, naturally, to the bedsides of our friends and loved ones who are about to pass into the next stage of life. Our presence and prayers help the loved one to move forward, smoothly, to the world of Spirit. Death, of the body, is not the end. Life goes on in another dimension. The ´dead´ miss us as much as we miss them. Imagine two big bubbles. You are in one and your loved one is in the other. You cannot touch each other and the bubbles are floating off further and further in different directions. There are a couple of ways in which you can communicate. You can take up telepathy or you can see a medium.
i) Clairvoyance, the gift of clear hearing
ii) Clairaudience, the gift of clear hearing


iii) Clairsentience, the gift of clear feeling
are utilised in order to communicate with those who have passed into Spirit as well as with our spirit guides who help us in our day to day lives. Most of us do not know about these guides and the work that they are putting in to keep us going along the right path. In many cases when things do not go as WE want them to go this usually comes about due to our guides steering us in a direction which will work out better for us in the long run. People who possess the gifts aforementioned can connect with our guides and get beneficial information which we can use to further advance in our lives. I should mention that if you decide to visit a medium the advice, from the other side, is being given with the expectation that you act on it. Our guides will bring in people in Spirit at a particular time because we need what that particular person is giving at that particular time.

Healing energy is channelled through the healer into the client or patient. In the Spiritualist aspect of healing the healer channels the healing, through the palms of his hands, into the parts of the clientś body which need healing. Many clients feel heat coming from the healerś hands. This is the healing energy doing its work.

There are many healing techniques which came about in different parts of the world. Some are better known than others.

Many of these traditional ‘hidden arts have been rediscovered and are being used successfully in the modern world.