Ralph has been doing healing work, of one form or another, at different times in his life. His work as a healer, likely, started with his mother when he was four. She suffered from migraine and found relief when she laid his hands on her head. It would seem that she knew, instinctively, about his gifts. It may well had something to do with the fact that she, herself, was the seventh child of a seventh child. It is said, in Spiritualist circles, that such people have gifts of clairvoyance. Should this, actually, have been the case she made no mention of it. If nothing else it certainly enlightened Ralph as regards his gifts. From time to time he made some revelations, to his friends, about things which were going on in their lives. They just found it a bit weird. Despite having gifts of healing and clairvoyance he did not actually begin to use them till he was in his thirties and, even then, only sparingly.

For many years Ralph’s main jobs were in the Catering Industry, in which he worked in most departments, and with homeless people. Being someone who likes to work with people he got a lot of fulfilment from these careers. This is, likely, what led him into working with clients on a one to one basis. Having been in  positions which required the ability to care, whether with customers in hotels or clients in the homeless and mental health systems, he was prepared to work with people. This put him in good stead for practising Reiki.

A Reiki Therapist requires a deep understanding of people. Clients come from many different religious and career backgrounds which, at first glance, would appear to clash with any alternative therapy. However once they have had Reiki explained to them and they have settled into their chair for the session most of them are open to receiving the therapy. After their first session they are, usually, adherents of Reiki for life. Many of them cannot wait to tell their family and friends about their discovery. They want to to spread the Gospel so to speak. They talk about what they are feeling and over the coming days they are explaining how they are feeling and how their therapy session is working for the good. They cannot wait for the next one. They are living in anticipation.

 Being a Reiki Therapist brings many people, from all walks of life, into your life. Some people also ask you to work on their animals. Every living entity likes the feel of the Reiki as it enters their very being. For many people their pets are their babies so why not bring them for healing when they are under the weather? Everyone wants to feel at peak performance level. Human beings like to walk in the park with their dogs alongside and cats love to jump and climb in the trees. They have to be at their best. Reiki makes sure of this. Having been a pet owner himself Ralph knows how much animals require healing – just as much as humans do. All forms of healing can heal a broken heart whether it be from a bereavement or from a relationship ending. Reiki goes deep inside the heart and starts working at the soul level. From there it reaches into the subtle body or mind then goes to work on any physical injuries at gross body level. In this way you get a complete and holistic healing. With some people they get results at the first session whereas others take a few sessions to get a healing. Regardless Reiki works. It uses kanji symbols as yantras and their pronunciation as mantras. These remove the client’s focus from their illness or injury. In this way, due to the worry being removed,  the body and mind can work on bringing about a healing.

Ralph works with clients with a variety of ailments whether they be mental, emotional, physical or spiritual. When people are experiencing illness, a change of heart as well as a change of mind, they tend to lose their sense of groundedness. In many cases they lose their balance as well as their  way. Realignment is the key to restoring balance.

During a Reiki session symbols, based on kanji, are drawn in the atmosphere around the client and their pronunciation is chanted like a mantra. As Ralph works through the session he starts by drawing these and focusing, totally, on the client. At this time all phones, mobile and landline, are switched off for the duration of the session. The client has to do his part by focusing on the acceptance of a healing.

After the session some clients report feeling energised and ready to go. However there are those who become very deeply relaxed or fall into a deep sleep. Different people respond differently. This depends on how the Reiki healing energy has worked with them. Different strokes for different folks.

Ralph has worked, and continues to work, with a range of clients including prisoners. He was asked, by a prisoner, to send absent Reiki healing to some ill people in Brixton Prison in London.


“The work which Ralph did with me has completely removed the gristle which was irritating the muscles in my upper back”

Tridandei Suuami , London