You’re Having A Laugh

Can you remember the last time you had a really good, deep, belly laugh? Can you recall what brought it about? Is a humour session extremely rare for you? Do you, for some inexplicable reason, believe it is wrong to express your enjoyment of the good things in your life? Do you fear that you may upset someone of a lesser disposition?  There are many envious individuals out there who feel that only they are entitled to a bit of pleasure. They think the rest of the people, around them, are there at their beck and call. A sense of humour does not fit nor is it called for. They don’t want people making fun of them.

Well, I have news for you – and for them! Laughter is a therapy which brings about healing super fast. If only they could laugh. Then they may get a life rather than sitting, in the same old chair, all day long, and grumping about hardworking people who have neither the time nor the inclination to argue back. If only we could go back to the time of the music hall. We could learn a lot there. It was the Laughter Hospital. The masses, of that time, could not afford to see a doctor or to buy medicines. They went to see a comedian and participate in a sing song instead. Many of them overcame their illnesses, psychological and physical, and lived to a ripe old age.  

    Supportive people, loving family members who want your healing, enablers, encouraging and positive motivators, lovers of life who want the best for you. With these people around you you are well on the road to recovery. Accordionists, pianists, jazz men and tenderness are a perfect recipe for cliff climbers’ cake along with a nice strong cup of tea. Physical illnesses start in the mind with worry and neural pathways bent and twisted out of shape by narcissists. When grabbed by the throat and thrown against a wall, by a well meaning friend, they claim to only have their victim’s best interests at heart. That’s sick and sad. Perhaps they believe it. Who know? Baron Munchhausen perhaps? 

     To separate the people who like to encourage others from the desperate, disparate, naysayers is always the golden key. To take matters into one’s own hands and distance oneself is the platinum key. Humour is gold dust. Grumbling is coal dust. One brings about light whereas the other brings about darkness. Would you rather be covered in sparkly, light attracting,  gold sprinkles or dull, darkness attracting, coal sprinkles? Do you want comedy or tragedy? The choice is yours. Choose your friends carefully. 




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