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Reiki Is Ongoing

Have you ever been to see a healer? There are healers in many traditions. Healing’s are brought about in many different ways. Even within a particular tradition each healer has his own technique or style. As a healer goes through the process of learning about, and developing, his healing abilities [...]

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More about Ralph Maver

More about Ralph Maver Ralph Maverś healing abilities were discovered, at an early age, by his mother. When he was about four his mother, who suffered from severe migraine headaches, would take his hands and gently lay them upon her head, saying, ´He is a healer´. After a short time the headache went away. [...]

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Should I do a reiki course?

Reiki Courses are usually divided into three parts – 1,2 and Masters. Level 1 is about the student and self healing techniques. During this attunement the Reiki energy will flow into and through your body for the first time. This is an exciting experience. Just sit comfortably and let the rush flow all the [...]

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